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Whistleblower Complaint Form

By making a report you are helping to make the organization safer, fairer and transparent.


To make a whistleblower report, you can choose to remain anonymous or, if you prefer, you can share your identity with the Reporting Manager to facilitate the investigation process. The whistleblower is always protected, by law, from any retaliation.


All details are very important, so we ask that you include as much information as possible. If you have any questions, you can consult our Whistleblower Policy.


The complaint must be made in good faith. Improper use and/or the provision of false statements is serious and compromises the purpose of this policy and may result in sanctions.

1 - Do you want to share your identity with the whistleblower Manager? * The Process Manager cannot reveal their identity, which can only be disclosed due to legal obligation or court decision.
3 - Have you reported this situation previously?
4 - What is your relationship with the organization?
6.1 - Comments on the date
7 - How regularly did it happen?
9 - How did you find out?

We've received your reply. Thank you.

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